Signature System

Source: Dranetz-BMI
The Signature System is the most advanced power quality monitoring system available on the market today
The Signature System is the most advanced power quality monitoring system available on the market today. Able to capture critical events that typically are missed by other systems, it is completely web-based. Instead of proprietary software that must be installed and updated on a PC, users only need a standard web browser to access, view and analyze data. By logging onto a secure website, multiple users can simultaneously view data in real time and from any location. This shared-access feature allows users in various locations to collaborate more effectively in making quick decisions on key power quality and energy management issues. The affordable Signature System is simple to learn, deploy and use, delivering immediate value to both users and managers.

The Signature System is a multi-tiered power quality analysis and energy management system. It is comprised of an integrated system of DataNodes, which are measurement and monitoring instruments, InfoNodes, the web-server and data analysis tool, and where needed, enterprise software.

Key to the Signature System are AnswerModules, a series of intelligent algorithms that convert raw event signature data into precise answers for rapid and accurate decision making. The Signature System is the only power monitoring system to offer AnswerModules, which help users prevent and mitigate equipment and process failure by pinpointing the location and root cause of power disturbances.

Key capabilities and characteristics:

  • Permanently installed instrument
  • Web-browser based; requires no proprietary software
  • Simultaneous access by multiple users, delivered in real time
  • Scalable, allows easy modular upgrades
  • Precision system-wide timing
  • Accessible from any computer with Internet access
  • Alarming notification allows for up to 16 messages-to pager, e-mail or contact closure
  • Affordable system, incorporating a variety of instruments in different price and performance levels
  • Easy to learn, use and deploy—system incorporates features such as smart reports
  • Incorporates unique AnswerModules to identify cause and location of common problems such as sag direction
  • Visualization and analysis using industry-standard, Windows-based DRAN-VIEW and PQView software
  • CE and FCC certified

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