News | January 20, 2020

Siemens Cloud-Based Data Analytics Applications For Transmission Industry Showcased At Elecrama 2020

Sensformer and Sensgear are the solutions for optimizing grid operation by delivering technical key data and intelligence

Siemens showcased digital transformer (Sensformer) and digital switchgear (Sensgear) at Elecrama 2020. Digital applications enable energy and power operators to have access to a cloud-based platform that visualizes collected data and enables comprehensive overview of all assets and power grid’s status in real time. This platform takes the physical technologies the digital way and allows users to actively build the energy future.

Sensformer merges physics and information and ensures digital intelligence for transformers regardless of their product class, size and rating. As transformers are placed at critical nodes of the power grid, they are perfect sensors for the grid providing key information on assets’ usage and status condition. Sensformer contains the necessary sensors for providing the most important operating parameters, such as oil-level, temperature, LV winding current and GPS-positioning. The Sensformer advanced takes this one step further by synchronizing with the Siemens digital twin operation and creating a completely new type of experience.

Besides Sensformer, Sensgear digitalizes additional high voltage substation equipment, paving the way for the Internet of energy. Through fast and efficient collection, analysis and usage of mass data produced by power grid system and transmission equipment, asset related management decisions can be supported, and the equipment performance can be improved.

Gerd Deusser, Head, Gas and Power, Siemens Limited, said, "Sensformer and Sensgear will help customers in the transmission industry to achieve efficiency, security and productivity. They provide added transparency and enhanced productivity with a connective and easy to use platform combined with comprehensive analytic applications which enable faster and intelligent decisions."

New levels of connectivity and transparency minimize the risk of unplanned outages, and help to detect potential oil and gas leakages. Near real-time insights will help power system operators and energy companies face current challenges such as increased performance demands and cost reductions. It will also support them in integrating the growing proportion of renewables and distributed energy generation into the power grid.

Source: Siemens