S&C Trans-Rupter II Transformer Protector

Source: S&C Electric Company
S&C Trans-Rupter II Transformer Protector
S&C Trans-Rupter II Transformer Protector

  • Three-phase tripping by electrically linked pole-units.
  • A 31.5-kA fault-interrupting rating and 3-cycle interrupting time.
  • Compatible with virtually any relay system.
  • Lightweight, compact design for superior mounting flexibility.
  • Hermetically sealed pole-units. SF6-gas-filled pole-units are factory-filled to full pressure, then permanently sealed. Field filling is never needed.

S&C Trans-Rupter II Transformer Protector, available from 69 kV through 138 kV, is designed exclusively for primary-side protection of distribution substation transformers. It gives you advanced protection capabilities previously available only from higher-cost devices, like circuit breakers, but at much-reduced cost. With its simple installation procedure and no periodic maintenance needs, Trans-Rupter II not only provides low installed cost, but low operating costs as well.

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