S&C System VI Switchgear

Source: S&C Electric Company
S&C System VI Switchgear

  • Compact, low-profile design. Even at 34.5 kV, System VI gear can be as little as 37 inches tall. And System VI gear has a significantly smaller footprint than conventional gear.
  • Single- or three-phase protection through 600 amperes continuous with resettable vacuum fault interrupters.
  • Simplified operations and enhanced safety. Routine operations can be performed quickly and easily by a single person, with no exposure to cables or energized components.
  • Microprocessor-based overcurrent control provides advanced, flexible protection. External-trip option allows fault interrupters to be tripped from transformer secondary or sudden-pressure relays.
  • Source-transfer and remote supervisory automation schemes available.
  • It's affordable. Even with all its added features, System VI gear is competitive with - or offers significant savings over - conventional gear.

S&C System VI Switchgear offers an exciting option for applications through 34.5 kV requiring 16-kA symmetrical short-circuit duty. It features a modular arrangement of S&C Vista UDS. Units of Vista gear include 600-A load-interrupter switches and fault interrupters, sealed in an SF6-insulated, elbow-connected tank. Using air-insulated bushings on one or both sides of the tank, units of Vista gear can be joined together or to metal-enclosed switchgear modules such as air-insulated metering bays.

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