White Paper

White Paper: S&C PureWave DSTATCOM Distributed Static Compensator

Source: S&C Electric Company

The Need for Voltage Support
Reactive power is essential to maintain and control voltage in ac electrical systems. The ability to meet the demand for rapid changes in reactive power prevents instability, voltage sags, even voltage collapse...and the resultant outages to generation facilities, transmission and distribution equipment, and connected loads of industrial, commercial, and residential power users.

In the past two decades, load has been dropped in a number of instances because of delayed voltage recovery following a major transmission system disturbance. Conventional means for preventing such occurrences — shunt capacitors, reactors, and synchronous condensers — operate much too slowly. Newer technology, such as the S&C PureWave DSTATCOM® Distributed Static Compensator, offers a better solution to voltage stability problems.