S&C Low-Voltage PureWave UPS System

Source: S&C Electric Company
S&C Low-Voltage PureWave UPS System
S&C Low-Voltage PureWave UPS System
  • Easy installation indoors or outdoors. No need to build an addition to house the equipment.
  • True maintenance-free batteries with unconditional 5-year warranty. Batteries are connected to the energized bus only when the system is supplying power to the load. No battery maintenance is needed and battery life is increased.
  • 30 seconds protection at 100% load, up to 60 seconds protection at partial loads. Solves 99% of all power quality problems.
  • Seamless generator connection. Ride-through time can be tailored to permit start-up, then 'soft' load transfer to a backup generator, for 100% protection through extended outages. No costly utility paralleling switchgear needed.
  • More than 98% energy-efficient, highest in the industry.
With the increasing use of sophisticated controls and equipment in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities, the reliability of electrical service is more important than ever. The Low-Voltage PureWave UPS System (380 to 600 volts) provides enhanced service continuity to facilities where momentary outages are of concern. These models, which can serve loads up to 2500 kVA, feature a PureWave Power-Electronic Switch and off-line 313-kVA/250-kW Power Modules.

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