Sag Fighter - SRT

Source: Utility Systems Technologies
The Sag Fighter represents a unique technology in the power quality marketplace

A three phase electronic power conditioner that provides protection from deep, multi-phase voltage sags, surges and other power problems at a fraction of the cost of other power conditioner technologies

The Sag Fighter represents a unique technology in the power quality marketplace. The Sag Fighter was designed by Utility Systems Technologies (UST) as the lowest cost solution to voltage sags for sensitive electronic, electrical and manufacturing processes. For industries such as textiles, extrusion, automotive, plastics, and semiconductor, the Sag Fighter allows variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other sensitive loads to ride through deep voltage sags.

Since voltage sags occur 20 to 30 times more frequently than complete power disruptions, the Sag Fighter is a very cost effective alterative to the UPS, without the continual maintenance and reliability issues. The battery-less Sag Fighter has a much higher efficiency, uses less floor space, and is significantly lower priced than a UPS.

Key features:

  • Provides deep sag protection down to -70% rated voltage

  • 2 millisecond response (1/8 cycle)

  • Unlimited correction time — no recharging required

  • No overload limitations

  • No minimum load required

  • No power factor or load type limitations

  • Failsafe design with auto-bypass

  • Balanced, sinusoidal output during sag

  • No batteries to replace — maintenance-free

  • 99% efficiency

  • Small footprint

The Sag Fighter is a series-connected, power conditioner that normally operates in the bypass mode. When a sag is detected, the unit responds to electronically synthesize and inject a compensating voltage to maintain a clean, stabilized and regulated voltage output. The Sag Fighter also provides surge and transient protection for sensitive equipment in applications up to 600 volts and 1,000 kVA.