Remote Display - Model RM 2000

Source: SymCom, Inc.
Remote Display - Model RM 2000
The RM-2000 is a motor monitoring device to be used in conjunction with SymCom's Model 777 Overload relay
The RM-2000 is a motor monitoring device to be used in conjunction with SymCom's Model 777 Overload relay. The RM-2000/777 motor management system combines unsurpassed electronic motor protection and critical, user friendly motor monitoring.

The RM-2000 has membrane keypad controls which allow both monitoring and control of a 777 MotorSaver through an RS485 network using Modbus RTU protocol. A second communication port is standard and allows monitoring and control of up to 99 RM-2000 devices from a computer, PLC, DCS, or SCADA system. The RM-2000 is environmentally protected and is easily mounted on the front of a panel or MCC. A liquid crystal display informs users of the following motor information:

  • Average current, individual line currents, and current unbalance
  • Current to ground
  • Average voltage, line-line voltages, and voltage unbalance
  • Instantaneous power
  • Power factor
  • Last four faults
  • All parameters programmed into 777 MotorSaver
  • Remaining restart delay times

LED's indicate mode of operation, fault status, communication status, and run status.

The RM-2000 is available with a variety of options including:

  • Real-time clock - which allows access to the following motor management information:
    • Total motor run-time (re-settable)
    • Time and date of last four faults, along with voltage and current at time of trip
    • Time and date of last 10 motor starts
    • Total number of motor restarts (re-settable)
    • Minimum time between any two starts with time and date (re-settable)
    • Run-time since last start (re-settable)
    • KWH consumed (re-settable)
    • KVAR's consumed (re-settable)
  • Two form-C auxiliary relays (SPDT) - individually programmable for numerous functions (option 1)
  • Analog output available - 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, and 0-10VDC (option 2)
  • Analog/digital input - several available configurations, consult factory (option 3)
  • Call the factory for additional options

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