Relay Testing System FREJA 300

Source: Programma Electric Inc.
FREJA 300 is a computer-aided relay testing and simulation system
FREJA 300 is a computer-aided relay testing and simulation system. The weight of FREJA 300 is only 15 kg. The rugged hardware design is built for field use over a wide temperature range, with the possibilities of intelligent software to perform rapid testing, simulation and analysis for power system protection.

FREJA 300 can be operated either with a PC and the FREJA Win software, or without a PC (stand-alone) in the Local mode. The generated values are measured and shown on the built-in display.

The very accurate (typically 0.01%) low level analogue inputs are designed for transducer measurements. The high level inputs can be used as a normal volt- and ammeter.

FREJA 300 can generate 4*150 V, 82 VA and 3*15 A, 87 VA, or with the optional external amplifier CA3, six currents. Each output can be varied independently, and up to three frequencies can be superimposed in amplitude and phase.

Both static and dynamic testing can be performed, such as prefault and fault generation, simultaneous ramping of several quantities and wave form editing.

FREJA 300 can also be used as a disturbance simulator and create and generate simulated disturbances, or import actual recorded disturbances from e.g. EMTP or COMTRADE files (and edit the wave forms), by using the FREJA SIM Disturbance Simulator Software. Several FREJA 300 can be synchronized to simulate a T-line or perform end-to-end testing. With the built-in DC source you can supply the relay protection.

The dial is very user-friendly, and is the most sensitive device presently available for finding limit values. Mice, trackballs and the like have their place, but a dial is much better when you must seek a specific value.

FREJA 300 makes an automatic internal calibration when the temperature is changed, but like all precision instruments FREJA also has to be externally calibrated. Normally this has to be done at the manufacturer, but with the FREJA 300 this can be done on site using the calibration box. This enables you to send in the handy little box for calibration (or calibrate it yourself in your own lab), and in the meantime continue to use FREJA 300 as usual.

FREJA 300 can operate in manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic and simulator mode. All modes include however "intelligent" tools such as creating models for different fault types or symmetrical systems, as well as automatic ramping and change between prefault and fault. All modes are designed as easy-to-understand, easy-to-use and easy-to-evaluate procedures.

All modes can finally be used together with the reference graph for the relay under test, which is imported from EXCEL with ProGraph. The graph can also be taken from the included FREJA Reference Graph Library, or user-defined, directly on the screen with the included Reference Graph Editor. After a test the result can be printed out.

The manual mode allows the user to change virtually any output quantity using the user-friendly hardware dial on the FREJA 300 or the PC keyboard, while the result is clearly displayed on the screen. The semi-automatic mode is intended for the most common types of relays which require many test points such as overcurrent and distance relays. The fully automatic test can be based on a performed reference test, e.g. at commissioning. It can also use the pre-programmed "Highway" test as a go/no-go test compared with preset reference values.

FREJA 300 combines experience with continuous improvements. The modularity with separate hardware, PC-based software and optional high-power amplifiers offers the user the freedom to upgrade the system with new releases.

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