RediStart LV+ Series - Solid State Motor Controls

Source: Benshaw, Inc.
A fully programmable, modular solid state reduced voltage integrated motor controller
A fully programmable, modular solid state reduced voltage integrated motor controller. The RSM microprocessor with its modular hardware and software provides high performance motor control, protection, metering, diagnostics and communications to match any motor application including:
  • Reduced Voltage Starting
  • DC Braking
  • Reversing
  • Two Speed
  • Synchronous
  • Wound Rotor

Standard Modules

  • Microprocessor control
  • Power supply and I/O
  • Display/programming
Optional Modules
  • Expanded aux. relays
  • Communications
  • Reversing and synchronous operation
  • RTD module
  • RediView monitoring software
A fully programmable, single board solid state reduced voltage motor controller. The RSD microprocessor provides integrated-high performance motor control, protection and embedded diagnostics. The RSD advanced design simplifies installation, start-up and maintenance. Operating parameters are entered via an integral parameter diagnostic display keypad. The RSD automatically performs self-diagnostics during start-up and running and displays digital fault codes for maintenance and troubleshooting. The RSD is available with an optional digital keypad which displays all programming parameters and diagnostics and provides remote overload reset.

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