Application Note

Application Note: PureWave UPS System - Total Power Protection For High-Density Data Centers

Source: S&C Electric Company
The increased load requirements of Class A Uninterruptible Cooling make the application of lowvoltage UPS systems alone impractical for data centers 20,000 square feet or larger. Thus, for centers this large, low-voltage UPS systems may not be the answer...they're much too inefficient for the application.

The large-scale, medium-voltage PureWave UPS™ System, on the other hand, is ideal for meeting Tier III and Tier IV electrical requirements as well as Class A and Class B cooling requirements. Its robust design can easily power the motor loads of a cooling system.

With a PureWave UPS System, the entire data center is immune to utility power disturbances. It permits "seamless" transfer between the utility and back-up generator power.