Programmable Logic Controllers

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Schneider Automation has developed and refined its Modicon Telemecanique PLC product offering based on many years of working closely with customers
Schneider Automation has developed and refined its Modicon Telemecanique PLC product offering based on many years of working closely with customers to understand their needs and applications. As we lead the way into open systems and web automation with our Transparent Factory architecture, you will find our solutions becoming more valuable as well-value derived by seamlessly integrating your factory floor with your business and IT systems for better information and better control over your bottom line.

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  • Quantum
    The high-performance Quantum Automation Series provides a scaleable, modular architecture, configurable to meet any application. The flexible, cost-effective Quantum solution offers an impressive list of standard features, special purpose modules, advanced IEC programming functionality, and open connectivity over a variety of networks. The Quantum hot standby feature provides Quantum controllers with the high availability and security required for critical process applications. The SERCOS controller integrates motion control and other devices within the familiar PLC environment.
    Step into the future of automation by entering the Transparent Factory. Two Quantum modules, the FactoryCast Embedded Web Server and the Ethernet I/O Scanner Module, instantly turn any Quantum PLC into Ethernet- and Internet-friendly controllers.

  • Premium
    The Premium automation platform is an inexpensive, versatile and powerful PLC intended for a wide range of applications in both the discrete manufacturing and process control industries. By using specialty modules with pre-configured software objects, the system designer adds power only where needed, keeping hardware and software costs to a minimum.
    The Premium PLC supports eleven communication network protocols, providing the OEM unparalleled design flexibility and reduced cost and development time.
    Consistent with Schneider Electric's Transparent Factory™ initiative, the Premium PLC uses WebUtility software: the user can download a custom web page directly to the Premium's Ethernet interface and view that web page from any commercially available web browser.

  • Compact
    Its small footprint and simple, rugged design make the Compact PLC the performance leader in applications such as auto insertion, pump control, substation automation, WWT, and RTU platforms. The Compact PLC offers faster processing speed and increased memory, very high I/O capacity, enhanced communications options, and reliable operation in the most demanding environments anywhere in the world.
    The Compact PLC delivers unparalleled networking connectivity for RTU and local and remote I/O. Two Modbus ports on every Compact controller deliver dedicated modem communications and local operator interface concurrently at a remote site. The Compact PLC can be programmed via Concept or Modsoft software.

  • Momentum The most adaptable and versatile control system available, Momentum is a complete family of control products: I/O modules, processors, communication adapters, and option adapters.
    The Momentum Ethernet processor offers users the option of programming with traditional ladder logic or the five complete IEC program editors standard with Concept™ software. The Momentum M1E processor Ethernet communications port makes real-time control over Ethernet a reality. This new M1E processor can help you step into the future of automation by taking advantage of the Schneider's Transparent Factory™ solution.

  • Micro
    Exceptionally fast for a micro PLC in this price range, the Micro handles remote processing and distributed I/O to enable small machines and automated equipment to run at optimal efficiency.
    Ease of networking via any one of several network standards allows the OEM to easily integrate a machine into a customer's communication architecture with minimal time and cost. OEMs and system integrators can export with the assurance that the product meets local codes and standards worldwide.

  • Nano
    The extremely compact size of the Nano PLC means that it is equally easy to install both in shallow enclosures and directly within the framework of machines, or in mobile installations. Easily adapted to a wide variety of applications, Nano I/O are compatible with such control system components as two- or three-wire proximity sensors, photoelectric cells, or contactors, so no interface is needed and setup is simplified. And as a competitive alternative to control systems utilizing relay-based solutions, the unit cost of the automated system and its development are significantly reduced; and flexibility is increased.
    The Nano PLC is a true international product, meeting the special requirements of all the main markets in terms of both hardware and software.

  • PCX Atrium processor
    The PCX Atrium processor offers all the benefits of a PLC in a PC-card format. This solution is more robust and reliable than "soft" PLCs, which share processing time with other software on the computer's main CPU.
    Atrium's OPC server facilitates the integration of PLC data into many other data acquisition and display packages, including Microsoft applications, reducing the need for additional software and keeping application code development to a minimum.

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