PowerStation Management System

Source: Operation Technology, Inc. - ETAP
This remarkable energy management system is designed to provide remote monitor, control, simulation, and supervisory control for power utility systems, generation plants, and industrial facilities
PSMS (PowerStation Management System) is designed to provide engineering analysis, remote monitor, control, and simulation of industrial and power utility systems, generation plants, and industrial facilities. As an extension to ETAP PowerStation, PSMS is a fully customizable application that offers many advanced capabilities and state-of-the-art features. PSMS is a Windows NT application using a client-server architecture that supports multiple client consoles in multiple control centers and remote locations. Each console receives and retrieves real-time and estimated data remotely from the server. Consoles operate independently to display the data, alarms, and warnings. System simulations can be conducted from each console to predict system behavior. Advisory control and supervisory control can be done from the primary console.

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