News | January 5, 2014

Powergrid Restores 400 KV Kishenpur-Wagoora Transmission Line

Continuous rain and snowfall that threw normal life out of gear in the stretch of Jammu-Srinagar National Highway had its impact on 400 KV Kishenpur-Wagoora transmission line of Powergrid as well. The transmission line was damaged and power transmission in one of its Circuits (Circuit-I) was affected from yesterday early hours.

Keeping its commitment of minimum downtime in its transmission lines, the authorities in Powergrid Corporation of India Limited immediately swung and approached state government and Indian Air Force to help them in ferrying their manpower to the site. The team of experienced engineers headed by Arshad Khan Chief Manager (Batote), SM Dar Chief Manager (Wagoora) and Mohd Farooq,Manager(OS) organized their teams at Batote, Wagoora and Jammu end respectively so that they were dropped by helicopter at the desired location despite high velocity winds and hostile conditions.

The team without caring for their lives rectified the fault in extreme hostile conditions. The six member team of POWERGRID that was dropped at the nearest possible location in the gigantic mountainous peaks of Peerpanjal were Devinder Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Kansara Singh, Narinder Kumar , Chankar Singh & Ashwani Kumar.

Officers from Air force particularly Group Captain Ghera and Wing Commander Batra played an important role in this operation by ferrying the Engineers of Powergrid despite hostile weather conditions prevailing in the area.

The line was charged today at 13:27 Hrs around 500 Mega watts of electricity was made available to the Valley.

The whole of the operation was being monitored at highest level in POWERGRID, with its General Manager(O&M), KR Suri keeping the close look at the developments and commanding the restoration work.

JP Singh, Executive Director Powergrid Northern Region-II has congratulated the team for their extraordinary efforts in restoring the transmission line and conveyed thanks on behalf of Powergrid to state administration and Air Force for their continued support.

This prompt, planned and dedicated act of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.,(POWERGRID) has once again established its professional expertise and attitude.

SOURCE: Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.