Power-Gen 2000: High Performance Air Filters

Source: Braden Manufacturing
Tri-Cel barrier filters have all-plastic frames for easy
Tri-Cel barrier filters have all-plastic frames for easy disposal and incineration. They also have fully sealed end-caps that eliminate dirt bypass and a one-piece pre-mounted gasket, prolonging turbine life. The filters fit most existing filter house holding frames. They combine high volumetric airflow with low-pressure drop and filtration efficiency. Features include high burst ratings and dust-holding capacity.

The ExCel self-cleaning pulse filter is cleaned pneumatically. The PFS-4 pre-filter is designed to collect the majority of airborne particulate mass prior to the air entering the Tri-Cel barrier element. This filter is standard on new equipment. It provides low-pressure drop with medium dust-holding capacity. The CLS-2G coalescing pre-filter combination is designed to remove the majority of airborne moisture and particulate mass prior to air entering the Tri-Cel final filter. Braden will be displaying their filters at booth #1000 at Power-Gen International 2000.

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