Portable Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Source: Zensol Automation, Inc.
Portable Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Portable Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Zensol Automation has introduced a low cost, software-driven analyzer designed to perform timing and motion analysis of circuit breakers up to 800kV.

The Model CBA-32P features:

*   up to 30 programmable commands
*   3 contacts, 5 analog signals, 2 built-in current sensors
*   3 user configurable analog inputs working just like a multi-channel oscilloscope to measure voltage, current, pressure, displacement, etc.
*  32 to 32,000 microsecond sampling time
*  unattended performance of automated, long and repetitive testing routines
*   "insensitivity" to noise and high voltage transients
*   extensive analysis capabilities
*   data export to Excel and Lotus

The user-friendly software includes modules for graphic reports, automatic calculations and batch testing.

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