Parts Washing

Source: ChemFree Corporation
SmartWasher uses bioremediation and naturally occurring
SmartWasher uses bioremediation and naturally occurring microbes called Ozzy. Ozzy eats oil, grease, and other contaminants so that users never have to change the fluid. The fluid cleans the parts and Ozzy cleans thefluid.

The fluid, called OzzyJuice, is an industrial-strength degreaser that is blended for tough automotive and industrial jobs. Because it does not contain hazardous solvents, it does not cause dermatitis, skin irritation, or other health problems. It also does not require disposal manifests. Additional features include:

•No flash point
•No service contracts
•Cleaning effectiveness does not degrade with use
•No hauling/removal of solvent or gray water
•No VOCs
•Certified by AQMD, USDA, and ETL

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