White Paper

Partner: Managing Engineering Documents With IGC And BTM

Source: EMC Corporation

Over the last decade engineering projects have grown in complexity and scope. (For example, developing a new car or a chemical plant can cost hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars and can involve stakeholders in different countries.) As projects grow larger and more complex it is a real challenge to deliver them on time and on budget.

As companies executing large-scale engineering projects struggle to manage this ever-growing complexity, we see them using 30-year-old technology to store and distribute vital information such as CAD drawings. As a result, engineering documentation is not always up-to-date and available across the organization, which can lead to miscommunications and problems at all stages of a project. Companies have a huge opportunity to streamline their documentation processes and make crucial information available to all stakeholders. Streamlining engineering workflows will reduce the time spent solving problems created by flaws at the early stages of the project, requiring fewer resources and leading to projects delivered on time and budget.