Source: Open Systems International, Inc.
OpenView is a full graphical user interface (GUI) system with an integrated database platform
OpenView is a full graphical user interface (GUI) system with an integrated database platform. It is ideal for SCADA and EMS systems requiring a high performance GUI, application vendors requiring a user interface system, and companies needing to migrate from a character based interface to a full graphics system.


OpenView's GUI system supports world coordinate and page tabular displays. The GUI system supports layers, overlays, panning, zooming, and automatic decluttering. Graphics data can be imported and exported from/to other CAD systems via the DXF format.
OpenView supports a friendly and highly interactive display editor/drawing facility. The display drawing tool is a fully functional CAD system with snap, resize, rotate, scale, zoom, and layering features. OpenView's integrated calculation capability allows for definition of calculations within the displays.


OpenView can be easily customized to interact with custom applications. Displays can be linked to relational databases using SQL commands. Also, displays can be built to interact with any proprietary application database. OpenView is based on standard platforms of UNIX, X/MOTIF, and Microsoft Windows NT. It supports an efficient real-time object based database and standard relational databases.
OpenView is available on any of the following platforms:

  • PC's under SCO UNIX
  • PC's under Windows NT
  • SUN Sparcstations
  • IBM RS/6000
  • HP Workstations

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