News | May 22, 2018

NGCP's San Jose-Quezon Transmission Line Project In Full Swing

NGCP’s San-Jose Quezon 230 kiloVolt (kV) transmission line upgrading project is now set to high gear after the Quezon City Government cleared the right-of-way corridor of seven transmission tower sites located in Barangays Baesa and Sangandaan.

The San Jose-Quezon 230kV Line 3 project is a critical project which will widen the power corridor into Metro Manila, and allow supply from power plants to feed the Luzon load center. It will also relieve the existing transmission line, prevent overloading, and will ensure that NGCP maintains the line’s N-1 contingency. N-1 refers to the ability of the transmission grid to withstand a major power disturbance through redundancies in the grid system.

The project also involves the expansion of NGCP’s San Jose Quezon Substations, which are crucial facilities that serve the load requirements of Metro Manila.

“Thanks to our good relations with the government of Quezon City, we were able to rehabilitate and upgrade our transmission lines in the city which were previously inaccessible by our transmission line team. Our efforts are now focused on expediting the project’s completion, and seeing a more reliable transmission of power in the country’s biggest load center,” NGCP stated.

Through an agreement signed by NGCP and the Quezon City government last 2017, the latter implemented the relocation of informal settlers living underneath the San Jose-Quezon transmission line in the two barangays and cleared the tower sites of dangerous improvements, helping NGCP secure the ROW clearances of its tower sites within the city.

Respecting the ROW corridor of transmission lines and facilities will prevent unnecessary power interruptions, ensure swifter maintenance activities, and will avert potential loss of life and property.

NGCP also renews its call for support from other LGUs to work with the company in securing ROW corridors of its transmission lines and facilities in order to fast-track the implementation of its projects nationwide.

NGCP is a Filipino-led, privately owned company in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid, led by majority shareholders Henry Sy,Jr. and Robert Coyiuto.