New Multi-Amp Relay Test Set

Source: AVO International
Faster, Easier, More Versatile - Manually Operated
Faster, Easier, More Versatile - Manually Operated
  • Extra large display screen provides operating prompts to the user
  • Function keys are easy to understand and use
  • Instructions displayed in 5 languages
  • Built-in phase shifting capability: 0 to 359.9 degrees
  • Selectable output frequencies
  • High capacity 920 VA output
  • Output voltage and frequency are independent of line input
  • RS 232 and parallel printer ports
  • Unique interface port provides easy interface to another SR-98 or to a Multi-Amp Phase Shifter for testing complex relays.

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Note: If you're interested in fully automatic relay testing, also check our popular Pulsar Relay Test System.

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