News | January 31, 2005

New Ergonomic Neck Support Aids In Reducing Neck Strain

Toronto, ON 2005 - Dr. D.G.Racicot, B.Sc., D.C., designed the neck support system (Cervical Spine Protective Support) originally for hydro workers who worked outdoors where there is a propensity to ‘look up' to the point of neck strain. Whether tree trimming or pole climbing, complaints of neck pain in various industries like utilities, forestry, construction, logistics and manufacturing were becoming more prevalent.

The patented Up-guard 3000 Neck Support serves as a reminder to restrict motion rather than completely block motion. The Up-Guard 3000 has also been technically designed to preserve the anatomical integrity of the neck in sustained or repetitive extension motions.

Unlike historical foams which compress and gels that displace, this "polyurethane gel-foam" acts by compressing individual cells that when uncompressed, immediately return the material to pre-compression density. The Up-Guard 3000 is secured by two straps that attach to the worker's belt or pant tops and can be adjusted for the most comfortable tension.

The polyurethane Gel-foam is hypoallergenic and can be cleaned easily with mild soap and water.


The Neck Support Company Ltd. is a privately held corporation that was established in 2004 to manufacture and market The Up-Guard 3000 Neck support system. It is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Further information can be found on the web site