New Digital Power Meter

Source: Power Measurement Ltd.
The new 7600 ION three-phase digital power meter combines power quality reporting functions with advanced analysis
The new 7600 ION three-phase digital power meter combines power quality reporting functions with advanced analysis capabilities. The panel-mount meter summarizes detailed power quality data into standard "compliance" information to make benchmarking and verification easier. Well suited for transmission and distribution substations or other key distribution points, the meter also offers expanded measurement capabilities (such as "flicker") and fast transient detection (down to 65ms) to capture critical events.

To capture events that could be potentially damaging to automation and computing equipment, an increased waveform sampling rate of 256 samples per cycle allows the meter to detect and record voltage and current transients as short as 65ms on up to nine channels simultaneously. High-resolution sampling also enables harmonic distortion measurement to the 63rd order on board the meter, and to the 127th order using the manufacturer's PC-based software, PEGASYS. The meter offers a variety of communications alternatives, including standard RS-232, RS-485 and optical ports, and optional internal modem and Ethernet ports (with "gateway" access for up to 31 additional meters). Full Modbus and DNP 3.0 compatibility allow smooth integration with SCADA or EMS systems. Extensive I/O and setpoint capabilities accommodate automated alarming and control applications. An oversized graphic display offers quick access to polyphase power and energy, phasor diagram, harmonics histogram and a power quality event log. An expanded internal memory (up to 8MB) can store extensive energy, demand and waveform records.

This meter features high accuracy, exceeding ANSI 12.20 and IEC 687 Class 0.2 (0.08% ± 0.02% F.S. on power and energy). Dynamic ranging inputs enable the meter to provide revenue-accurate readings at nominal levels, while faithfully capturing large voltage and current disturbances such as sags and swells. It also provides a complete range of standard four-quadrant revenue metering parameters including time-of-use, interval data, and loss compensation.

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