New! Compact-Bite Battery Condition Tester….The C-BITE

Source: AVO International
New!  Compact-Bite Battery Condition Tester….The C-BITE
BITE Battery Condition Tester, the C-BITE
AVO International announces the release of its New Compact-BITE Battery Condition Tester, the C-BITE. It is lightweight and compact with built-in memory and a separate printer to keep it small. It is packaged in a brief case-sized case for easy grab-‘n-go. It incorporates Pass/Warning/Fail LEDs and an audible alarm with user-defined Warning and Fail limits for improved and instantaneous battery condition determination.

The C-BITE is ideal for distributed power, customer premise, wireless and other telecomm installations, RR signal and communications installations, small UPSs and emergency lighting systems as well as many other smaller battery types.

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