New! Biddle CFL800E

Source: AVO International
The Biddle CFL800 E is a multifunction instrument combining several fundamental tests in one practical, field craft test set
  • 30 ft to 9,000 ft (9 to 3000 m) TDR measurement ranges
  • Automatic resistance bridge with measurement range up to 300,000 ft (100 km)
  • Suitable for power, telecom, coaxial, and datacom cables
  • Dust and waterproof to IP54
  • Three-year warranty
  • Uses standard AA cells

    The Biddle CFL800 E is a multifunction instrument combining several fundamental tests in one practical, field craft test set. Integrated voltage meter, insulation tester, time domain reflectometer and automatic resistance bridge, provide the test functions for basic cable verification and fault locating on twisted pair, quad and coaxial cables.

    In TDR mode, cable features, low resistance cable faults and open circuits can be located up to 9,000 feet (3 km) away. Advanced features including pulse matching, pulse reflection amplification, and ¡§Tx Null¡¨ facility ensure the CFL800E can locate the closest and most elusive faults.

    In BRIDGE mode, the CFL800E will locate high resistance faults (up to 20 MĂ) on a cable with total resistance of 2 kĂ. This equates to 60 miles (100 km) of cable length depending on conductor material and thickness. In addition to the automatic resistance bridge, the CFL800E has a built-in 100V insulation tester. The insulation test range can be used to identify the existence and nature of cable faults, and to determine which wires within a cable are faulty. Loop resistance measurements can also be obtained while operating in the BRIDGE mode of the CFL800E. Loop resistance measurements are used to qualify telecommunication cables for many digital services such as ISDN, HDSL or ADSL.

    In METER mode, the „b250 V dc voltmeter range can be used to verify if a cable has a Telecom Network Voltage (TNV) present, and to measure the value and polarity of this voltage. A dc voltage measurement will also test balance on a cable pair and determine if either tip or ring is shorted or partially shorted to ground.

    The CFL800E is the ideal tool for the Subscriber Loop craftsperson. As a cable verification tool, existing cables can be pre-qualified for digital services such as ISDN, HDSL, or ADSL. Signal attenuation and signal cancellation due to reflections, crosstalk, and random electrical noise from the surrounding environment can affect xDSL implementation. Common mode impairments are found on all loops. When a circuit has a problem with its balance to ground, common mode noise can become destructive differential noise. The voltmeter, TDR and bridge functions in the CFL800E can be used to perform balance checks and determine the potential effect on xDSL service.

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