News | March 10, 2020

New Alpha 3200 Eco Power Distribution Board Requires 30 Percent Less Copper

  • Reduced amount of copper lowers material costs
  • Smart ventilation system ensures optimal heat dissipation
  • Digital engineering and new system concept shorten project lead times for switchgear manufacturers

Siemens Smart Infrastructure introduces the Alpha 3200 Eco power distribution board. Thanks to a new system, it requires one-third less copper. The new power distribution board features a main busbar in the middle of the board instead of at the top or the bottom, allowing devices to be attached directly. Previously, additional connection rails made of copper were needed. This new design significantly reduces material costs and installation efforts. It also allows for more flexible installation of the associated Alpha assembly kits with protection, switching and measuring devices. Overall, this results in more room for valuable functions, such as collecting energy data and switching states, as well as for connecting the power distribution board to digital building management systems. A new ventilation system with two cooling circuits provides for optimal heat dissipation and energy yield.

“Power distribution requirements in buildings are constantly growing – from planning to operations. Smart buildings require flexible systems that can communicate. Time and cost pressures in switchgear manufacturing are also on the rise. Our power distribution boards are designed specifically to meet these demands, and they assist switchgear manufacturers along the entire value chain,” explained Martin Moosburger, Head of Product Management for Low Voltage Products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

The Alpha 3200 Eco power distribution board is particularly suited for use in the cost-sensitive building infrastructure market, including shopping centers or office buildings. In addition, switchgear manufacturers benefit from less complexity and shorter project lead times. Together with communication-capable devices from the Siemens Sentron portfolio, Alpha 3200 Eco creates a consistent, harmonized system for reliable and efficient power distribution in buildings. The Simaris configuration software is rounding out the system, making it easy to configure the power distribution board in compliance with IEC 61439. The software also supports calculation, offer preparation, and system documentation.

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Source: Siemens