Company Profile | September 20, 2000


Source: NERTEC Inc.
NERTEC Design Inc. (NERTEC) is headquartered in Granby, Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1985, NERTEC focuses solely on Automated Meter Reading (AMR1) products and systems for electric, gas, and water utilities. NERTEC deployed the first large-scale, electric utility, in-bound telephone AMR system in North America.

NERTEC designs and manufacturers AMR solutions that are cost-effective and simple to deploy. NERTEC's AMR products allow service providers to obtain customer consumption readings using Telephony (both wired and wireless) as the information transfer medium.

In its many years of operation, NERTEC has acquired a wealth of expertise in metering and telecommunication technologies. Since 1989, NERTEC has been actively involved in the standardization process of ANSI C12, AMRA/IEEE SCC31, and Measurement Canada's Task Force on Data Communication Protocols for Electronic Metering Devices. Being a key contributor to these new and upcoming standards, NERTEC is also the first to introduce a software tool (Table TstBench™) that is compatible with the Utility Industry End Device Data Tables (ANSI C12.19-1997, IEEE 1377-1997).

On September 22, 1997, NERTEC announced that it has successfully raised a private placement to support its growth in manufacturing operations, marketing and sales activities, and R&D resources. Over the next five years, NERTEC will make significant investments in many new ventures such as opening its USA Headquarters facilities in the Dallas area, developing AMR products using new communication mediums, expanding the use of existing communications infrastructures, and developing new services to offer utilities.

NERTEC has the expertise to assist utilities to better identify and understand their customers and their needs. With deregulation on the horizon, it is imperative that utilities deploy a system to retrieve and analyze their customers' usage in greater detail. In order to prepare electric, gas, and water utilities, for today's and tomorrow's market, NERTEC is constantly evaluating new methods of improving its current and future AMR product offerings.

Offering real solutions, not promises, has always been the philosophy at NERTEC. A philosophy that has made NERTEC a recognized leader and innovator in the AMR marketplace.