Multilayer Mat

Source: ChemFree Corporation
The FL-4 multilayer OzzyMat is designed to extend the life
The FL-4 multilayer OzzyMat is designed to extend the life of the standard, dual purpose, single-layer OzzyMat. The standard OzzyMat introduces the biological component to the SmartWasher bioremediating parts washer system and filters particulate from remediated OzzyJuice, which recycles in the system. Occasionally in heavy use environments, the single-layer OzzyMat can become "blinded" or clogged with particulate matter.

With the multilayer mat, when the first layer becomes clogged, it is removed and disposed of. The second layer will then be exposed. When the second layer blinds, it, too, can be removed so that the third and final layer of material comes to use. At the end of the month, the entire FL-4 mat is replaced with a new one, replenishing the biological component and providing another series of layers of filtration for particulate control.

Current applications of the parts washing system include parts cleaning in all types of automotive repair, maintenance, aftermarket and dealer environments, by industrial users wherever parts need to be cleaned, and more.

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