MS-1 Magnastick Magnetic Locator

Source: Rycom Instruments, Inc.
The Magnastick is available in two model types
The Magnastick is used to find magnetic items.
  • Surveyor's Corner Markers
  • Surveyor's Nails
  • Magnetic Markers
  • Manhole and Service Covers
  • Valve and Curb Boxes
  • Well Casings
  • Steel Drums
  • Energized Electric Cables
  • Septic Tank Handles
    ...and more
    The Magnastick is available in two model types. The two versions look similar and operate the same. The MS-1M has a LCD Meter for visual indication. The MS-1 has audio indication and no LCD Meter.
    This magnetic device has an easy one-hand operation with a built-in handle. There are no knobs, just easy-to-use keypad switches, which makes the Magnastick user-friendly.
    The MS-1/MS-1M is made of strong, monotube construction with microprocessor technology. This device is lightweight. The Magnastick only weighs 2 pounds with the batteries.
    The Magnastick also comes complete with a softpack carrying case, manual and a 5-year warranty.

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