Datasheet | February 10, 2009

Datasheet: Motorola i325

Source: Motorola

For industrial pros who need to stay in close contact with their teams, the Motorola i325 offers a unique combination of radio communications and digital cellular phone functionality, to get your job done quickly and safely: Emergency Group Calling, MOTOtalk off-network digital walkie-talkie and integrated GPS. The i325 meets tough military specs for industrial strength and durability.

The cellular phone's first built-in, off-network, digital walkie-talkie - In addition to the built-in two-way radio feature, MOTOtalk expands the functionality of your phone by working as an all-digital off-network walkie-talkie. By switching your phone to MOTOtalk mode, you can now contact other MOTOtalk users anytime, anywhere without being connected to the network†.