Datasheet | February 10, 2009

Datasheet: Motorola Deployable Solutions

Source: Motorola

While your existing network may fulfill the need for day-to-day, mission critical two-way radio communications, sometimes life throws you a curve. A special event could leave you facing the need to supplement your network with additional capacity. An emergency search and rescue mission could require additional coverage. Or a natural disaster that knocked out a tower could leave you with the need for site-specific coverage until restoration can be performed. Even routine maintenance can sometimes disrupt communications.

Designed for rapid response in mission-critical public safety applications, Motorola's Vital Response deployable and interoperable response solutions can tie together disparate agency systems, provide extra support for special events, run specialized applications or provide back-up support to primary systems in the event of an emergency. Together, they comprise a vital part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of public safety and security solutions for mission-critical integrated communications, information management, regional coordination and incident command.

Conducting a search and rescue operation or apprehending a suspect in a remote area often requires additional coverage. Motorola deployable solutions can be towed behind a ¾ ton dual wheel pickup truck or air-lifted by helicopter to remote locations to provide public safety responders with full communications capabilities in a low capacity or remote location.