Datasheet | February 10, 2009

Datasheet: MOTOMESH™ Duo: Two Radio Meshed WiFi Network With 5.4GHz For Backhaul

Source: Motorola

The MOTOMESH product series makes wireless cities a reality with robust and future-proof wireless broadband technologies. Whether providing wireless access to a campus, business, neighborhood or city, MOTOMESH delivers real-time data to your residents, employees, and customers, enabling vital wireless broadband applications.

MOTOMESH Duo easily functions as a single or a two radio system. The two radio system utilizes the 5.4GHz radio to mesh backhaul, freeing up the 2.4GHz radio for dedicated client access. This notably increases throughput over single-radio systems. Moreover, the 5.4 GHz radio can also be configured to provide client access supporting WiFi subscriber stations using the 802.11a standard.

MOTOMESH Duo supports complete end-to-end security. It provides WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption on client access. Motorola's own SecureMesh ensures the highest data security within the meshed WiFi network.