Datasheet | February 9, 2009

Datasheet: MOSCAD® Wireless Monitoring And Control Solutions For The Water/Wastewater Industry

Source: Motorola

Motorola's MOSCAD puts industry expertise to work. Its client/server architecture improves the performance of applications throughout a networked system. Its superior communications, connectivity and programmability make MOSCAD the solution for today.

MOSCAD's MDLC protocol supports a multimedia, multichannel network for systems spread over a large geographic area. The protocol allows distant sites to communicate through store-and-forward technology. Priority ratings and full redundancy can be assigned to high-risk water and wastewater sites. MOSCAD MDLC can efficiently transmit programs, databases and parameters at high speeds. Yet, its complex structure is completely transparent to system operators.

MOSCAD can interface directly to flow and level instrumentation to record accurate site information. Low power consumption makes photovoltaic systems a viable option. Large amounts of timetagged data can be stored so that critical overflow information is not lost, even if there are problems with communications or a central site. In fact, MOSCAD can be used where no communication channels are available; stored data can be uploaded to a portable computer carried to the site. MOSCAD is the flexible, expandable solution for the growing and changing needs of any water management solution.