Datasheet | February 9, 2009

Datasheet: MOSCAD Network Fault Management

Source: Motorola

The Network Fault Management system provides the Network Management Control center with access to communication and environmental devices at remote sites. This provides the operator and system manager with some of the tools needed to identify and possibly correct faults within the communication system. The IP Gateway offers a standard interface to a wide range of Network Management Center platforms, including HP/OpenView, SUN/Solstice, IBM/NetView, and more.

  • One operator may monitor and control both the wireless and telecommunication network infrastructures. The operator is provided with an easy, cost-effective, and realtime method for the early detection and reaction to communication system problems.

The Network Management Center uses the SNMP protocol and a generic MIB (Management Information dataBase) to auto-discover the IP Gateway, the communication sites, and the devices. The Network Management Center may poll the network elements and any connected devices to refresh its database plus display unsolicited events. When CMIP is required in a Telecommunication Management Network system, an SNMP-to-CMIP adaptor may be added to make the needed conversion.

  • Interconnectivity among the TCP/IP, SNMP, and CMIP protocols commonly used in computer LANs and in Network Management is easily obtained.