Modular I/O System

Source: Beckhoff Automation LLC
The Beckhoff Bus Terminal is a modular I/O system designed
The Beckhoff Bus Terminal is a modular I/O system designed to work with every major fieldbus. It is ideal for automation systems in a broad range of industries, including OEM machine industries, automotive, packaging, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, measuring techniques, materials handling technology and environmental technology. The new terminal consists of modular electronic terminal blocks with 1, 2, or 4 channels per unit, allowing configuration and expansion in single-channel increments. The patented I/O modules slide together, achieving mechanical and electronic connection simultaneously. The outside contour of the terminal adjusts to the measurements of terminal boxes. Couplers are available for all major and future fieldbus systems, including Profibus-DP/FMS, DeviceNet, InterBus, Lightbus, CANopen, CAN CAL, Modbus, ControlNet, RS232/485/422, Sercos, and Ethernet.

This system also allows users to mix a wide variety of I/O types including AC, DC, digital and analog inputs and outputs, relay outputs, thermocouples, counters, encoders, and serial interfaces. Signal preconditioning is no longer necessary as it comes with the terminal. The 4-wire terminating system connects sensors and actuators directly, eliminating the need to wire input-output signals locally. The bus couplers supply up to 64 electronic terminal blocks for any type of signal. Terminal blocks are clipped to the bus coupler individually, allowing them to be exchanged and/or mounted on a standard rail separately. Utilizing a fieldbus interface, the bus couple forms the head of an electronic terminal block. Different voltage groups can be set up to fully replace the mechanical terminal blocks. This allows the input/output level to be set up as modules based on electronic terminal blocks, and remain unaffected by the fieldbus. The terminal's LED status indicators, visible through a clear front panel, keep operators constantly informed of operating status. Terminals combine the flexible and reliable terminal connectors for solid and stranded wires with the electronics to connect to the fieldbus networks.

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