Source: The Von Corporation
This two man portable unit contains
WEIGHT - 115 pounds (52.3 kg)
WIDTH - 15.125" (38.5 cm)
HEIGHT - 24.5" (62.3 cm)
LENGTH - 23" (58.4 cm) over handles
INPUT - 110-125 volts 50-400 hz A.C. or 12 volts D.C. (optional)
IMPULSE - 6 nanosecond rise time, 450 joules at 30kv continuous, up to 612 joules at 35kv intermittent, random timing (6 second cycle at 30kv)
TESTING - 6 ma to 35kv, 1% ripple
CASE - Aluminum with grey finish

This two man portable unit contains: 1. A 35kv 1mfd. low inductance impulse service capacitor.
2. A VON continuously adjustable impulse control gap.
3. High reliability VON voltage doubler circuit with silicon rectifiers.
4. The fully protected output meter in the high voltage lead indicates true leakage readings. Ranges 0-10 mic, 0-30 mic, 0-100 mic, 0-300 mic, 0-1 ma, 0-3 ma,0-10 ma.
5. Megohm scales on the output meter allow direct resistance reading from 100,000 ohms to 300,000 megohms.
6. A 0-5 amp A.C. ammeter in input of the 110 volt to 13kv air insulated epoxy impregnated high voltage transformer.
7. A rugged taut band high torque kilovoltmeter wit ranges of 0-10kv, 0-35kv.
8. A variable autotransformer for continuous voltage adjusment.
9. Power on and off-discharge switch discharges cable through a 2.5 megohm resistor.
10. Two ground relay systems require that the case ground, the 120 volt source ground, and the test lead ground be within 100 ohms or each other in order to operate the unit.
11. Separate sockets for testing and fault locating
12. Varistors are provided between the 120 volt input lines and the case to provide surge protection to the equipment.
13. Shielded test lead, 35 feet (10.6M) long. Other lengths are available such as 60 feet and 75 feet.
14. Optional built in inverter with 15 ft.(4.6m) battery leads permits operation from a 12 volt truck battery

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