Model 931A Power System Analyzer

Source: Arbiter Systems, Inc.
Model 931A Power System Analyzer
Arbiter Systems, Inc. Model 931A, with state-of-the-art PowerDSA Digital Signal Analysis makes more measurements, more accurately
Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 931A, with state-of-the-art PowerDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis makes more measurements, more accurately, more easily, and at a lower price than ever before. Basic accuracy of 0.05% of reading and 0.05° phase, harmonic analysis, full three-phase capability, transducer calibration, and timer capabilities.

Thanks to the high level of integration, our instruments are lighter, smaller, and run longer on a charge than any others in their class. Smaller than a lunchbox and weighing only 5.8 kg (12.8 pounds), you can take the 931A with you wherever you go, operate it continuously for a full 8-hour shift from its internal sealed lead-acid battery, and then recharge it completely in eight hours.

The 931A is built in a rugged, non-conductive high-impact polyethylene case. All inputs are isolated from instrument common by transformers, optical isolators or high-value series resistors. A front-panel ground terminal provides a sink for leakage currents.

Many other user conveniences have been added to ease your workload: a bright, CCFL-backlit graphic display that can easily be read in direct sunlight, with big, easy-to-read numeric results; a variety of measurement setup and control functions; STORE and RECALL of commonly-used setups and last state; built-in HELP text; opto-isolated serial interface; LOGGING of data to internal memory (or an RS-232 printer), complete with time and date tag from the internal real-time clock.

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