Model 1084A/B/C GPS Satellite-Controlled Clock

Source: Arbiter Systems, Inc.
The Model 1084A provides four LEDs to monitor operating status
The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1084A/B/C GPS Satellite-Controlled Clock provides three versions to match your requirements. The Model 1084A provides four LEDs to monitor operating status; the Model 1084B adds an LCD setup/status display and a keyboard; the Model 1084C also includes a large LED time display.

In all versions, one BNC output provides modulated IRIG-B while another BNC output is jumper configurable for IRIG-B unmodulated or Programmable Pulse. A third output may be jumper configured for either one pulse per second, IRIG-B unmodulated, or IRIG-B modified Manchester (IEEE Standard 1344 high-precision time code) signals. This output may also be wired (by a simple modification) to any of the other digital signals generated inside the Model 1084A/B/C. These include rates of 1PPH, 1PPM, 10PPS, 100PPS, 1kPPS, 10kPPS, 100kPPS, 1MPPS, 5MPPS, and 10MPPS; IRIG-E, H, and D; Programmable Pulse, and Locked. Programmable pulse generates an output pulse every 1-60000 seconds, daily at a specified time, or at a specified time of year; pulse duration is 0.01-600 seconds.

The Model 1084A/B/C includes two form 1C (SPDT) failsafe relays, compatible with 129Vdc digital fault recorder inputs. The first provides a LOCKED indication, and the second can be selected to the FAULT, 1PPH, or Programmable Pulse functions.

Standard power options include 85-264 Vac/110-275 Vdc, with either IEC-320 or terminal strip inlet, and 10-85 Vdc with terminal strip inlet. The terminal-strip versions have a surge-withstand network designed to meet ANSI/IEEE C37.90-1 and IEC801-4 specifications.

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