Meter-Based Internet Connectivity

Source: Power Measurement Ltd.
Power Measurement now has two new features for its flagship ION series energy and power quality meters: the
Power Measurement now has two new features for its flagship ION series energy and power quality meters: the MeterM@il email messaging and WebMeter web-browser support. With MeterM@il, the company's 7500 ION and 7600 ION power meters can now automatically send high-priority alarm notifications or scheduled system-status updates as email messages to anyone, anywhere within the facility or around the world. Messages can be received like any email message, over a workstation, cell phone, pager or PDA. The WebMeter feature adds an on-board web server to the meter, making the meter's real-time energy and basic power quality information accessible from any popular Web browser. Also, 7500 ION and 7600 ION meters can now exchange information using industry-standard XML format to support custom applications development.

The MeterM@il feature can be configured to send alarm messages to key facility personnel for timely notification of critical power conditions. Data logs from the meters can also be sent on a scheduled or event-driven basis via e-mail, while supporting integration with custom applications such as energy reporting services. Email messaging is a convenient and cost-effective way to transmit energy information over a corporate Intranet or the Internet while accommodating firewall restrictions. It can also be received by a growing number of Internet-ready devices.

WebMeter's web-browser support enables facility personnel to quickly access each power meter from any workstation or web-enabled device without the need for special software. Each meter's built-in web pages display a range of energy and power quality information, and even support basic meter-configuration tasks.

The features are available now for the 7500 ION and 7600 ION panel-mount power meters, and are scheduled to be offered with other ION power meters in the near future.

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