Marine Geophysics

Source: Terra Remote Sensing Inc.
TRSI offers an integrated package of marine geophysics solutionsx
TRSI offers an integrated package of marine geophysics solutions:

  • Sub-bottom seismic profiling
  • Seafloor sonar mapping
  • Marine magnetometer surveys
  • Single and multi-beam bathymetric data acquisition
    and processing

Our professional team of geophysicists, surveyors, geologists and technical support persons carefully reviews with the client survey objectives, operational conditions, processing and reporting requirements for each project in advance, ensuring that the most effective and efficient strategies are employed.
TRSI's staff provides technical consultancy services to clients all over the world. These include site reconnaissance, survey specification writing, project supervision, shipboard client representation, and data QA/QC as well as project review and recommendations.
TRSI's success with both government and industry since 1966 has earned a considerable international reputation, which we strive to protect. Our full services are rendered to each of our clients, no matter how large or small the task.

The following are our areas of specialization:

  • submarine cable and pipeline and route evaluation and inspection
  • offshore geohazard surveys
  • bedrock delineation
  • marine outfall site evaluation and inspection
  • fisheries habitat surveys
  • port and harbour development
  • seafloor topographic mapping/sonar mosaicing
  • sonar search and recovery
  • offshore mineral exploration
  • marine construction aggregate
  • ice scour mapping studies

Our specific specialties include:

  • Port & Harbor Development
  • Pipeline & Cable
  • Habitat Studies & Geohazards
  • Project Management

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