M-2001B Digital Tapchanger Control

Source: Beckwith Electric Co., Inc.
Microcontroller-based to provide reliable operation and expanded capabilities
  • Microcontroller-based to provide reliable operation and expanded capabilities.
  • Includes all the features required by regulator or transformer applications.
  • Interfaces with any of the interchangeable adapter panels sized to replace popular industry tapchanger controls.
  • Provides "on board" the following communications protocols for user selection: BECO 2200, BECO 2179, DNP 3.0, and as an option, UCA.
  • Allows software upgrades through the communications ports by the use of flash ROM.
  • Includes reverse power detection and automatic regulation with no additional VT for most single-phase step-voltage regulators.
  • Displays system parameters and provides demand metering, and time/date stamping of maximum/minimum system conditions, as well as data logging capability.
  • Provides other features such as three-step voltage reduction, sequential (with or without intertap time delay) or non-sequential operation, R and X or LDC-Z line drop compensation, RS-232 ports on front panel and top of unit, optional RS-485 port and fiber-optic ports, meter scale selection of 0.2, 1.0 or 5.0 A, linear or inverse time selection, paralleling input, self-test and user-programmable alarms, voltage limiting and automatic runback, limited tap position knowledge, configurable tap definition, and in-service testing using the bias voltage feature.

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