Line Leakage Testers

Source: Associated Research, Inc.
Line Leakage Testers
LINECHEK automated line leakage testers are available in
Associated Research, Inc.tomated line leakage testers are available in two configurations. The model 510L is a stand-alone version for users who only need to perform the line leakage tests but also want to automate the test. The model 520L allows interconnection of the line leakage tester to other safety testers to form a complete automated test system. Both models have been awarded patents and include features such as:

•PLC, RS232 or GPIB control
•Front panel indications of neutral, reverse and ground (earth)
•50 memories for setting up and recalling test routines
•Individual leakage trip points for each test
•Five built-in measuring devices
•Switching matrix

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