Leak Detection Technology

Source: Tracer Research Corp.
Tracer Tight is a patented leak detection technology that
Tracer Tight is a patented leak detection technology that uses a variety of highly volatile tracer chemicals. The test consists of inoculating the AST with an extremely small amount of tracer chemical. Probes are installed under and around the tank bottom, which allows the technician to collect soil vapor samples. If there's a leak, the tracer will escape into the soil. Gas chromatography is used to detect tracer at concentrations of 10 parts per trillion. This allows Tracer Research to identify and locate very small leaks. Typically, leaks as small as 1 gallon per day are easily detectable regardless of the size of the tank. Additional features include:

•Tanks remain in-service during the entire test
•Leak detection sensitivity of 1 gallon per day regardless of tank size or geometry
•Compatible with any hydrocarbon and virtually any chemical (including all fuel and crude oils)
•Test results provide specific leak location
•Test any size tank without loss of sensitivity
•Not affected by hydrocarbons from previous leaks or spills
•Leak detection system can be made continuous and automatic

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