Keystone Power Generation Maintenance

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Turbine Capabilities
Turbine Capabilities

Keystone is specialized in providing technical direction, project management and manpower for periodic and major maintenance activities for turbine outages as well as turn-key overhauls and relocations including turbines, generators, valves, boilers and BOP.

The above described overhaul and turnkey services are complemented by our top quality in house and/or onsite repair capabilities, such as diaphragm repair replacement and nozzle repair and reconditioning, blade repairs and reconditioning, field machining and others.

Our Technical Directors, Field Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety Engineers and Outage Planners are all individuals with years of experience in this field with an in-depth knowledge of all major manufacturers' equipment. We have the competence to make the required decisions on site thus achieving or exceeding the goals set for timely completion of the outages within the budget and in a quality manner.

Our competent Site Managers are given the authority to handle all communications with the customer representatives on site, eliminating the distraction and confusion that often accompanies any anxious moments at the customer's site.

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