Source: Ametek Power Instruments, Canada
Today's meters have more features than ever before
Save Time and Money.
Eliminate Frustration.

Today's meters have more features than ever before. You need specialized training to learn how to configure and use a multi-function meter today. If you don't work with the meters and software regularly, you start the learning curve all over.

We believe that there is a better way. We developed the JEMSTAR with you, the user, in mind. Simple to configure and use, yet very powerful.

Software Configuration Wizard

JEMWARE is not just another meter configuration software application. This is a true Windows based software application containing a Configuration Wizard that allows for the simple configuration of a JEMSTAR meter. The Wizard walks the user through the configuration process to allow quick and as setup without forgetting any parameters.

Graphical Display for Simplicity and Power

The JEMSTAR Graphic Display allows the user the ability to see more data than ever, while the intuitive menu layout provides a better way to access all this additional data. Effortlessly navigate to the data field you are looking for.

High Accuracy

With an unparalleled accuracy of 0.1% of reading, long-term stability, and flexible capabilities, the JEMSTAR provides users with exceptional value for accurate, reliable power and every measurements.