Ionization Tester

Source: AVO International
The MEGGER FT6/12 Mk 2 is an ac/dc breakdown, leakage and ionization tester
AVO InternationalFT6/12 Mk 2 is an ac/dc breakdown, leakage and ionization tester. The instrument operates from a 240-, 220- or 110-V, 50/60 Hz mains power supply. The instrument supplies a continuously variable output voltage up to 12 kV dc or up to 6 kV ac rms each in two ranges. Provision is made for the measurement of ac and dc leakage current, the detection of ionization and the indication of breakdown from the item under test. The total leakage current and the in-phase leakage current are indicated; ac capacitive current and both ac and dc leakage resistance can be calculated. Panel meters are used to show the output voltage level and the leakage current value. The instrument can be set so that the voltmeter shows the level at which breakdown occurred.

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