Intranet MSDS Application

Source: Corbus
NetMSDS Intranet application adds Intranet support for
NetMSDS Intranet application adds Intranet support for TERMS and MSDS Standard software. It provides enterprise wide search, view and print functionality for MSDS's (HTML, SGML, Text and TIFF images) from any Internet browser (IE, Netscape). No installation is required on client PC. It helps reduce network traffic and speeds up data access. Additional features include:

•Supports both Internet Explorer and Netscape browser
•No installation required on client PC
•View MSDS body (HTML, SGML or Text) or scanned image (TIFF image)
•Database search, filter and sort functionality
•Fast access (retrieves records one at a time or in groups)
•Client-Server architecture reduces network traffic
•User-Friendly searching and filtering for finding a MSDS quickly

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