Interactive Energy Solution

Source: Silicon Energy Corp.
Energy Analyst bridges the gap between building-control
Energy Analyst bridges the gap between building-control systems and the energy market. By providing a thorough overview of users' consumption and costs, it helps customers to use energy more efficiently while understanding the economic impact of specific operational decisions. With Enterprise Energy Analyst, users can view energy usage information regardless of source and throughout any combination of facilities and time horizons. This program allows users to:

•Monitor and trend real-time usage across multiple variables, including real-time cost estimates
•Aggregate loads and compare historical usage and cost for any data source or group
•Identify largest energy consumers and perform root-cause analysis on building events
•Perform benchmarking studies across sites by comparing cost and usage data
•Prepare comprehensive reports for any time horizon or data source
•Benefit from direct cost-savings through peak avoidance and improved load management

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