News | April 16, 2008

S&C Announces IntelliTEAM II Universal Interface Module

Source: S&C Electric Company

Other intelligent electronic devices (IED) not of S&C manufacture can now be incorporated into the IntelliTEAM II® Automatic Restoration System with the use of S&C's Universal Interface Module. The module enables the host device to communicate with other team members and implement IntelliTEAM II restoration decisions. Fault interrupting and protective functions remain under control of the host IED.

The Universal Interface Module adds IntelliTEAM II functionality to the fault-interrupting decisions made by the relay. The UIM exchanges information with the other team members as needed and polls the relay for status and analog data, which are used for the IntelliTEAM II process. If a fault interruption or loss of source occurs, the UIM provides the interface to, and operates, the substation relay/breaker to restore as many feeder segments as possible.

With the introduction of the Universal Interface Module a wide variety of controls can now be applied in an IntelliTEAM II system. These include:

  • SEL 351S Relay
  • SEL 351R Relay
  • Nu-Lec CAPM-5 Recloser Control
  • Cooper Form 6 Recloser Control
  • ABB REF550 Control
  • GE F60 Relay

Other devices are being certified currently and this list will continue to grow.

The UIM can be rack-mounted (19" wide and 3 spaces high), or can be panel-mounted inside most relay enclosures. The UIM has four serial ports and one ethernet port to handle team communication, SCADA communication, polling of the host device, and local monitoring and configuration. The local data port allows you to connect your computer to the UIM and change setpoints or upload logged data using the user-friendly IntelliLINK® Setup Software. The control software in the UIM can also be updated, offering a simple migration path to new features. The UIM utilizes DNP protocol for peer-to-peer communications with IntelliTEAM II system team members and for SCADA communication.

SOURCE: S&C Electric Company