Intelligent Revenue Meter

Source: ABB Automation, Electricity Metering and Information Systems
The ION 8400/8500 series is an advanced intelligent revenue
The ION 8400/8500 series is an advanced intelligent revenue class polyphase billing and power quality meter. Using patented ION technology, the new polyphase billing and power quality meters offer advanced analysis and multi-port communications features. The ION 8500 and 8400 are certified in accordance with ANSI C12.20 and provide the tools energy providers need to compete in a deregulated marketplace. The meters have been certified to meet/exceed the ANSI C12.20 class 0.2 standard for electricity watt-hour meters by MET Labs (an independent NRTL - Nationally Recognized Testing Lab), and have been certified as meeting the IEC 687 - class 0.2s accuracy by AEP. Both the ION 8500 and 8400 revenue meters have been approved for use in Canada under Measurement Canada Notice of Approval AE-0924. In addition, both meters are approved for use in California for ISO metering applications. The features of the ION 8500 and 8400 meters include the following:

•Object-oriented technology that easily adapts to future requirements
•Energy measurement: kWh, kVARh & kVAh for all phases (by Del, Rec. or by Quadrant)
•Demand measurement: kW, kVAR, kVA (Block, Sliding, Thermal, Predicted)
•Instantaneous measurement: voltage (l-l & l-n), current, power, power factor, frequency, unbalance, phase reversal and time-of-use
•Adaptable to virtually any billing scheme including time-of-use pricing, real-time pricing, and interruptible rates
•Sophisticated waveform recording and sub-cycle transient detection
•Ability to support enhanced key account services such as customized rate schedules, flexible billing, comprehensive cost reduction programs, and web-based energy and power quality reporting
•4MB standard and up to 8MB non-volatile memory for data logging
•Anti-tamper provisions for cover and peak demand reset
•Password protection on revenue-related parameters
•High speed modem and four communication ports
•Auto-dial for critical events alerts
•Measures harmonics (total, individual - to 63rd, K-factor), sags, swells, imbalances, and symmetrical components
•Customizable transformer loss compensation
•Customizable displays for normal, alternate and test modes

The ION 8500 includes all of the above features, plus the following:

•Expanded I/O option
•Switchboard case option
•Low voltage option
•Auxiliary power option
•Ethernet access to up to 62 additional devices via EtherGate and ModemGate
•Compatible with the MV-90 Multi-Vendor data acquisition software with the ability to upload the contents of data recorder #1 (up to 16 channels of data)

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